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Pollution Control Equipments


Scrubber ( Venturi / Packed Bed / Plate Type ) Ducting with fittings Blowers

Material of Constructions :
FRP & It's dual composites with Thermoplastic Lines such PP, PVC, C-PVC, PPH, PVDF

DOLPHIN design & manufacture centrifugal type exhaust Fans of various capacity right from 100 cfm to 100000 cfm upto 24 inches of wg pressure.

Material of Constructions :

DOLPHIN has mastered technology of Scrubbing HCL Fumes generated in pickling plant.

We guarantee less than 5 ppm of HCL fumes in outgoing air after scrubber. If require we can reduce the HCL fumes upto 1 ppm.

Specially designed economical & efficient Acid Scrubbing System which solves the problem of Pollution due to fumes coming out from the air vent of the acid storage tanks. This System does not require Blower which reduces the CAPEX as well as OPEX.

Pollution Control Equipments Pollution Control Equipments
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